Sunday, July 5, 2020

July 4th, Toddington, 6 miles led by Ruth

The legal six met at Toddington Village Hall as usual - but at a later time of 10.30, all resolved to socially distance to the previous requirement of 2 meters, although the new rules are 1m+: the plus being outdoors in quite blustery conditions. It had drizzled as we left home and we were prepared for it to continue, but the day turned out dry and breezy, just right for a walk longer than many of us had done for some time. We walked through Conger Lane to the sand-pits.

After crossing the Flit we walked through Chalton Spinney where we had coffee spread around the interpretation hut. Joan and Hilary went inside, Ruth Torunn, Kate and Beryl braved the wind outside. The flowers were abundant: pyramindal and common spotted orchids, Betony, Agrimony, bedstraw and Knapweed. After a short road walk we crossed fields to gaze at the newish M1: A5 link road and the housing estate in progress. We returned to Toddington approaching Crowbush Farm and all ended up at the Community Gardens at the back of the Methodist Church where we picked raspberries. A lovely walk with good company.

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