Thursday, April 22, 2021

 Thursday 22nd April - Sundon Hills to Sharpenhoe Clappers & back 7.3 miles 6 walkers led by Tony Roberts

This walk started at Sundon Hills country park car park on a bright & sunny morning whose early morning frost had abated. The walk as originally planned included a very steep short section, however it was decided to avoid this section. Therefore the walk ended by being, although easier, slightly longer.

We left the car park & walked eastwards through grassy fields, through several kissing gates before entering the Moleskin Woods. We turned right out of the woods to pass the 2 radio aerials which in former times had controlled ambulance radio. Their present function is unknown. We entered the village of Streatley & after crossing the road several times arrived  at the car park by the A6 roundabout. We left this to walk past the allotments & soon afterwards entered a wood where several large logs formed seats for our coffee stop. 

Tony P, Kate, Torunn, Christine & Geoff on the footpath at the back of Sharpenhoe

We started again along the permissive path roughly parallel to the A6 before arriving at the NT site of Sharpenhoe Clappers where we witnessed a coupe of hang gliders/ 

Hang glider after taking off from the Clappers

We walked to the end of this site before turning inland to look at the Robertson memorial in the woods. 

Christine, Torunn & Geoff looking at the Robertson memorial.

After viewing the memorial we left this site by walking through the car park which was full due to the excellent weather & crossed the road, up some steps, through the kissing gate where we saw a man looking after several drones. We then descended quite steeply to the bridleway along the base of Moleskin Hills. We followed this up steps to the seat above the Chalk pits where several of us removed layers of excess clothing before descending more steps into the Chalk pits themselves. Descending down more steps bought us again to the base of the hills & we followed the footpath via many steps, both up & down, to enter the grassy field near the car park where we arrived to complete the walk.

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction.

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