Saturday, April 10, 2021


Saturday April 10th. Longer Walk  - Toddington to Upper Sundon Quarries,  
5 ramblers. 7 miles, led by Ruth

Dull and overcast but otherwise dry as we set out past Conger Hill and headed South, with the motorway service station in full view. This is an industrial themed walk!  

Lynn, Tony R, Brenda & Kate on the bridge over the Flit.

 We crossed the river Flit, past Woodcock and Hibsey Spinney, then through an un-rolled wheat field to cross the M1. It way busy! Next we crossed the railway line via a graffiti-decorated bridge and along an old quarry road towards Upper Sundon. There is lots of rubbish around there: perhaps we should have a litter-picking ramble one day. We then turned sharp right and descended steeply on some wooden steps into the scrub-land of the quarry. The Blackthorn blossom was fully out and the hawthorn leaves were opening in the sheltered areas. 

Ruth, Kate, Lynn, Brenda & Tony R

 We looked down on the quarry lakes. How did the burnt-out car manage to get there? Some men were down there, presumably fishing. Another area to explore one day!   


The Sundon Lake District

We then crossed electricity lines, the railway line and the M1 again and came around the back of Charlton, having coffee break at the picnic tables behind the star. We had nearly finished when a group of 6 ramblers appeared- obviously with our tables in sight! They turned out to be the Dunstable Bogtrotters and we had a bit of a chat. They had promised sun and alpacas on their programme and had neither. I too was disappointed that the Alpacas had gone from the field near the Chalton Village Hall. 


Tony R & Lynn chatting to Linda & Rosemary

 Shortly after we met a familiar pair: Linda and Rosemary completing their morning walk! Next industry was the sewage works and then the electricity sub-station. It had started to drizzle slightly and the wires were buzzing with static electricity.  Finally we passed the Sand Quarry and back past the ridge-and-furrow fields and Conger Lane.  Not the prettiest of walks, but interesting never the less. 

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction.


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