Thursday, April 8, 2021

Thursday April 8th. Tingrith to Segenhoe. 9 miles. 5 ramblers. Led by Ruth

The saying 'Rain before seven fine by eleven' was put to the test today. The first rain for a while, and it had to be this morning! I put my gaiters and overtrousers back in the rucksac, dressed warmly and set out with grave misgivings, considering a way of shortening the walk if necessary. The rain had stopped as we gathered outside Tingrith Church and before long the sun came out! We all stopped to shed a few layers and to put away the hats and gloves. 

Tony P, Sue, Tony R & Beryl beside the "Eversholt Waterfall"

We walked through Rad's End, and paused at the 'Eversholt Waterfall', where we had a group photo and puzzled over some flowers. Ruth thought it was Broomrape. Not too sure as my flower book says it flowers in June. 

The puzzling flowers  

 Update - Ruth went back with the flower book and to take a better photo. It is Butterbur. How boring. I didn't realise the leaves appear after the flowers. 

We walked across a field to the Greensand's Ridgewalk, much to Tony's surprise as he was trying to second-guess the route. Through some woods and windproofs went back of as we crossed a field of wheat which bizarrely had daffodils scattered about! Someone thought they were remnants from a crop to support Macmillan. 

The daffodils

 We reached Segenhoe ruins at 11.30,  wandered into the derelict nave had a coffee break. 


Beryl in the nave

Tony R, Sue, Beryl, Tony P & Ruth outside Segenhoe church  

 The return journey passed a trapped pheasant but was otherwise uneventful. We had lunch at 1pm at the Millenium Pond at Eversholt Church-End. 

Tony P, Beryl, Tony R & Sue on the boardwalk in Eversholt

Finally, we crossed Washers Wood and returned to the cars via Castle Farm. No rain at all!

Map showing the track of the walk.

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