Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday 29th July - Kimpton Walk

This walk was led by Debbie & Nick Thrower & was 6.5 miles in length - 11 walkers

We started from Parkfield Sports Ground car park in Kimpton & walked along a track leading to the Hitchin Road which we crossed to walk up a private byroad. At Hoo Park Cottages we turned right and crossed the Mimran at a nice stone bridge. On meeting a road we turned sharp right along a somewhat muddy track. Just before Kimpton Mill we left the track and turned left up a bridleway. Soon we made a short detour to reach the river where we stopped for a coffee break. On resuming the path we were passed by about a dozen lady cyclists. We then arrived at Codicote Bottom where we crossed the road before making our way up an incline along the Hertfordshire Way to arrive at Ayot St Lawrence. Here we stopped at Shaw's Corner for a group photo.

Debbie, Nita, Penny, Sue, Kate, Tony P, John, Beryl, Christine & Nick at Shaw's Corner
A few of us visited the old church before arriving at the newer Palladian church where we stopped for our picnic lunch. After lunch we walked through Prior's Wood before arriving at the road into Kimpton.  We crossed this road and continued along a footpath parallel to the road before walking through the sports field and eventually arriving at our cars. 

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction.



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