Sunday, February 20, 2022

Thursday 17th February Wrest Park / Gravenhurst 6 miles 14 ramblers

This walk, led by Jenny & Ged, started from Wrest Park. We parked outside on the grass commenting on the long queue of cars waiting for it to open – of course, it is half term! 

Setting out from Wrest Park
We headed out South through woods and quiet roads. The road walking was much appreciated after this week of rain: we were lucky to be between two named storms and thankful that Storm Eunice wasn’t early. We passed through Hanscombe End and soon we arrived at Shillington Parish Church, an impressive structure perched on the top of a high mound, surrounded by grave stones. We found plenty of spaces for our elevenses, some members opting for the first convenient bench, others clamouring up the grassy slope through violets and daffodil buds to the shelter of the stone building. 
John, Sue and Tony at the coffee stop

All the ramblers at Shillington church door
After the obligatory group photo, we strolled down the hill and returned to West Park through fields, commenting on how it wasn’t as windy as we expected. Until we turned the corner and headed west to Wrest Park across exposed parkland – to battle against a very fresh strong wind! A taste of what was to come tomorrow. 
Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction


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