Saturday, November 5, 2022

Saturday 5th November Lilley 6 miles

 This walk had 4 walkers and was led by Lynn 

Three other ramblers met me at The Lilley Arms - Tony P, Brenda and Sharon. 
We followed the lane down to the path that heads out alongside Ward’s Wood and carried on until we reached the Icknield Way. Turning right, we walked along there until a path junction where we stopped for our elevenses during which a large group from Ampthill Nordic Striders marched through….shortly followed by three late starters marching at pace to catch the others! 
We carried on up the Icknield Way , along Hexton Road for a short stretch and then up to Telegraph Hill: a lovely section under all the trees and there was quite a good view looking north too, when we got to the top. From there we headed out along the ridge of Lilley Hoo - rather blowy along that bit! - staying on the hard path instead of going across the field. Once we reached Lilley Hoo Lane, we turned right to walk up and over the hill and back down into Lilley.
Considering the weather forecast had been pretty grim a few days before, we were very lucky that we only had a bit of drizzle during the walk and it waited until we’d got to the end before it started raining more heavily.
All four of us then enjoyed some very welcome, very tasty, hot food in the pub.

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