Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sunday 20th November - Maulden Woods 4.5 miles 10 Ramblers led by Tony Price

Meeting in the lay-by at Deadman's Hill on a nice bright sunny morning, we proceeded to enter the woods turning right and following the various trails and tracks through the woods until we came to the perimeter trail.
We continued on this trail using various paths until we came to the Heath,which is an area of special scientific interest.

Neal, Beryl, Brenda, Kate, John, Janet, Cathy, Hilary & Sue

Cathy, Kate, Tony P, Beryl, Brenda, John, Janet, Sue & Hilary

Passing over the health, we followed tracks which again led us out towards the perimeter trail, which  we continued along until a suitable place with some convenient trees that had been felled, for us to have our coffee break.
However, some of the group were not amused when they started being attacked by the resident ant colony.

Cathy, Beryl & Janet walking through the woods
We continued making our way through the woods, when we came across an old rope swing,  which some of the walkers could just not resist having go on.

Beryl on the rope swing
Continuing along the trails and through Forest Lodge, we started to make our way back to the lay-by and the end of a very pleasant walk

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction

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