Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thursday 24th November - Sharpenhoe Clappers walk led by Tony Roberts

This 4 mile walk was originally down to be led by Linda Billingham, unfortunately she was not able to lead it and therefore Tony R stepped in to lead the walk. 10 members attended the walk.
We started at 10 am from the small car park near the A6 roundabout in Streatley. We walked past the allotments and followed the track which is, at first, parallel to the A6. Due to the topographical nature of the land it bends many times whilst staying mainly flat. It eventually enters the NT site of Sharpenhoe Clappers via  a kissing gate. Here we turned left to avoid the steep rise into the beech woods which we then entered almost on the level. A rope swing was attached to a tree here which a couple of members tried out.

Ruth on the swing with Beryl watching

We followed the path round the perimeter of the woods before stopping for a water break at the northern end of the woods, 


We then walked along the narrow footpath with glorious views of Sharpenhoe village and Harlington before arriving at the NT car park where we used the picnic table and benches to partake of our refreshments. 


After our break we left the car park via a footpath parallel to the road before turning left and hence rejoining our previous path which led back to our cars.. Two of our members, who had walked in wellingtons, took the opportunity to clean them in a large puddle in the car park.

Beryl & Linda paddling

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction

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