Thursday, March 16, 2023

Thursday 16th March Wrest Park / Shillington

This 6 mile walk was led by Jenny & Ged with 19 walkers
Meeting on the grass space outside the house entrance, we were informed by the gate guardians that we were not to park our cars there as they were expecting droves of people turning up to visit the house, really on a Thursday!
Duly complying with our orders, cars were moved so we could then commence walking.
Making our way past the house and associated building’s, we then made our way along the track that brought us into Whitehall Plantation, which due to the recent weather and also being used by horses, proved to be very muddy in place’s
We then crossed the road at Ion lodge and on towards College Farm, where we saw the new council pot hole machine in action.
Some road walking followed as we made our way out to Hanscombe End and up to Shillington church for a well earned coffee break.


Leaving the church behind, we continued on towards Upper Gravenhurst, where we tackled the incline through the village that led us up to the track taking us back into Wrest Park.

With the wind blowing against us we passed Gravenhurst Lodge and noted how much mistletoe was in all the trees we were passing.
Pressing on we made it back to where the cars were parked, and low & behold, not a single extra car in sight, a lot of fuss over nothing.
This brought us to the end of a lovely walk and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the walkers 

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction


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