Thursday, March 30, 2023

Thursday 30th March Harlington to Sharpenhoe, 6 miles, led by Tony P. 12 ramblers.


Most of this walk was along gravelled tracks which was good news as we all know about Harlington mud! But the first part, getting out of Harlington across fields to the Willow Farm track, was a bit of a quagmire.  


 Later there was plenty of rough grass to scrape off the worst, and the boot ended up quite clean. 

The advance party turned left and walked a few hundred meters until Tony P waved to us: we had gone the wrong way! We should not get ahead of our leader! We passed a nature reserve, past the Moleskin, coming out at the bottom of the 99 steps (or are there more?) and turned left to the Barton Road. We paused briefly on the corner by the converted pub, but decided to push on for coffee break as it was a busy road and only seating for three.  


 Instead we headed along the John Bunyan Trail making for a fallen log and we were disconcerted to see another rambling group standing having their coffee break. They were the U3A from Northwood. Aren’t we lucky to have such nice walking on our doorstep!! They were not at our chosen logs: the advantage of local knowledge. 

 We settled down on the logs for our coffee as Tony P received a text from Tony R to say his hospital visit had gone well and he was back home. We were all thinking of you, Tony!


 The return trip headed for the hill bypassing the Bunyan Oak, and inevitably our cleaned boots picked up more Harlington Clay. We spread out somewhat and waited at the top to let everyone catch up and have a breather. 

Then for the last kilometre, various ramblers peeled off home, leaving just a core to return to the carpark. We got home just before a torrential downpour. That makes us feel so smug!

Track of walk, walked on anti-clockwise direction


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