Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday 23rd January Marston Forst Centre walk

This was the second short Sunday walk with 12 members attending this walk of 4.5 miles.

Twelve members braved a very cold morning but as expected we all warmed up very quickly. We started  from the Forest Centre to walk around Stewartby Lake, the paths were a bit muddy in places.
The lake was so calm, a few yachts in the distance. No swans but it was lovely to hear all the birds singing. We did see a group of bird watches with their binoculars.
Penny, Sue and the two Tonys carried on and walked around the perimeter of The Wetlands Nature Reserve, see map below,  whilst the rest of us carried on to the Centre.
Hilary, Sheila and Mike went in to the cafe for a coffee and the rest of us carried on home.

As it was only a short walk the 4 of us mentioned above carried on and completed the full circuit of the park. We walked near the chimney of the incinerator that we passed on another  walk a few weeks ago. Whilst crossing the entrance road we me Nita driving home. The 4 of us then visited the cafe but only Penny & Tony P sampled the fare. We saw Hilary, Sheila & Mike sitting near the window still talking.
Penny bought a map at the desk & ascertained that it was at least £1.75 to access the Wetland Nature Reserve. As we all wanted to get home for lunch we did not bother. Although the ladies were very interested in the forthcoming tribute band concerts advertised.


Track of full walk, walked in clockwise direction

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