Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thursday 20th January - Sharpenhoe walk led by Hilary

This walk started from the lay-by near the allotments in Church Rd. Streatley.
The lay-by quickly became very full with cars bringing 19 walkers for the 4 mile walk
We started off by walking past the allotments and quickly left the track to go thought the woods where we had a view of Barton.
We rejoined the track and followed it all the way round the Clappers before Hilary took the photo below that had to be stitched together.

The walkers with Harlington in the background
We walked to the NT car park where we had a coffee break and some photos by Tony P.

Vivienne, Tony R, Liz, Wendy, Joan, Hilary, Gill, Annie, Allison, Mary & Maureen in front with Jed, Beryl, Malcolm, John T, Pete, Richard & David S at the back. Tony P took the photo

We then retraced our steps to the lay-by to complete a very enjoyable morning walk with thanks to Hilary for stepping in at the last minute to lead the walk as the original walk had to be cancelled.

Track of walk, walked generally in anti-clockwise direction

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