Saturday, January 1, 2022

Harlington New Year's Day Walk - 4.5 miles


January 1st, Saturday, 2022, New Year’s Walk led by Tony R

A lovely way to start 2022: what could be better than meeting with 19 other like-minded ramblers and the first bit of sun we have seen for two weeks.  It was unseasonably mild, a light breeze and we set off in boots and wellies (we all know about Harlington Clay!) across the field by Harlington village hall, listening to the church chimes singing out ‘Deck the halls with boughs of holly'. We were then treated to a brief but dazzling display in three blue-and-gold Macaws flying free and returning to their confident owners.

Pavements along the  Barton Road, a clear view of Sharpenhoe Clappers to the right … and then a descent down a narrow and VERY muddy bridleway down to Willow Farm. We were assured that it was the muddiest section! This led on  to the Bottoms Road which we walked along for a while before turning off over a plank bridge. After passing a couple of new apple trees we crossed a substantial bridge over the mill stream.

Soon we got to the Harlington Road and Tony explained that there was a footpath that was intended but never made official because the land owner was unknown!  Nevertheless, we crossed the road, squeezed in front of the digger and walked along the unofficial path meeting up with the official footpath, so avoiding an unpleasant stroll along the busy road.

Next we skirted the edge of several fields and mostly didn’t notice the time or distance or scenery because we were all busy catching up on news and enjoying the conversation.  However, we had to admire the rainbow: it must have been raining at Pulloxhill!

We stopped for coffee by a log, then returned via more field edges and Abbot’s Hill above the Bunyan Oak. We were back shortly after 1pm, just as it was starting to rain.  The Macaws had gone!

Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction.


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