Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thursday 13th January Walk 2 Woburn 'elephant' walk, 7.5 miles, 8 ramblers led by Ruth

A high pressure system at this time of year often leads to fog, so we were delighted to wake up to a clear blue, cloudless sky, although it necessitated the scraping of windscreens! We left Woburn car park at 10am, walked through the deer park and crossed to the fairly muddy path through the woods to the entrance to Woburn Safari Park. There we had a quick drink stop by the lions, soaking up the sun.

We walked along the path by the elephant house, spied a group of 3 females to the left - then to our delight, watched the male busy eating his breakfast. It was unappetising looking dry hay, but he was clearly enjoying it, wrapping a chunk deftly in his trunk, shoving much into his large mouth and tearing the excess off.

We tore ourselves away after quite a show, then walked past the wallabies to the Husborne Crawley road. We turned off along a narrow footpath between some estate cottages then through a young woodland to Husborne Crawley church. Half of the party had a snack in the shelter of the lych gate, the others sat on a large tomb slab and admired the greensand stone of the church while soaking up the sun.

Finally we walked through the edge of Aspley Guise, across Horsepool lane and back on the familiar route to Woburn. The wooden pallet crossing the stream was partially submerged and a nervous looking, clean young dog on the other side was waiting to watch us, with her owner, to see how easy the crossing would be.  We were not very impressive: one member fell partly in and two had to be given a hand to get up the steep bank on the far side. The dog and its owner decided to stay on the football field!

We completed the 7.5 miles in 3and a half hours, quite a pace.

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