Saturday, May 21, 2022

Saturday 21st May Toddington Walk led by Tony Madeley

 This 5.5 mile walk had 7 walkers and stated from Toddington Village Hall car park. We started by walking along Leighton Road. We left the road and walked through several fields of sheep, some followed us in the hope of food, sadly disappointed. We arrived at Tebworth where we crossed the road and walked to Wingfield. We stopped outside the Plough for a short coffee stop before continuing on to cross the Dunstable Road. We then continued along a path parallel to the road. We stopped at a horse chestnut tree for a group photo.

Nita, Kate, Tony P, Val, Torunn, Tony M & Tony R

We saw several golfers on Chalgrave golf course before walking past Chalgrave church and Crowbush farm before making our way into Toddington past the council estate. We continued along Dunstable Road where some left to go into the cafe whilst others continued to the car park.

Track of walk, walked  in anti-clockwise direction

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