Saturday, May 14, 2022

Saturday 14th May - Tea Green walk led by Lynn

There were 4 of us that started from the White Horse at Tea Green. It was lovely and sunny and we were all in short sleeves right from the start!
The route took us from the pub out past the old windmill near Breachwood Green, across Lilley Bottom and up the other side past Follyfield Spring. By the time we reached the old track up to Kingswell End, it had got quite warm and it was nice to walk in the leafy shade for a while. We found a nice spot for our elevenses looking across to Stopsley Holes Farm and beyond and then headed to Ley Green and from there to Kings Walden where we stopped in the churchyard.

Tony R, Lynn, Tony P & Penny in the churchyard

Sadly, the church was closed as it has been on previous occasions. From there we walked across the estate eventually heading back down to Lilley Bottom,  where we  stopped for a chat with a group of girls from Hitchin who had been catching us up and were doing a practice walk in preparation for their DoE later in the year.

Penny & the 2 Tonys coming u from Lilley Bottom


Across the fields to Breachwood Green

We headed up through the woods and across the field at the top to reach Breachwood Green,ere we found a cottage selling fresh farm eggs for a very good price, which Lynn took advantage of (and managed to get them home without breaking them)! The White Horse, lunch and a well-earned drink for all, was only a short distance from there.

Track of walk, walked in clockwise direction

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