Saturday, May 7, 2022

Saturday 7th May. Maulden woods, 6 miles, 8 ramblers led by Tony M

 It was a dull damp start to the da y as we met at Maulden Church, the first rain for ages having just eased off, which put a few people off . The eight of us were determined to make the most of it: the sun came out, the paths were dry and we quickly fell into conversation as we walked out of Maulden.


After a quick water break we headed into the woods where the raindrops on the leaves brought out the new spring colours in the baby tree leaves. We passed clumps of bluebells, yellow archangel and stitchwort 


We passed Clayhill Cottage: a tiny thatched building in the middle of the woods that was rumoured to have sold for an astronomical sum, then edged the fields to King’s Wood where we had our coffee break. It was 11.45, and a range of food was consumed, from nothing, to the inevitable bananas to full sandwiches! 

More rain was forecast  but instead the sun came out and I regretted not bringing my sunglasses. We were back at the cars by 12.30, almost in time for the football match on T.V.!


Track of walk, walked in anti-clockwise direction

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