Thursday, May 5, 2022

Thursday 5th May Luton to Lilley & back

This 7 mile walk was led by Sue and had 7 walkers
We started from the small car park near the South Beds golf club entrance and walked parallel to the base of Warden Hill with a housing estate of our right. On leaving this estate we turned left onto a field track. We kept on a low track and a lovely slow, relaxed pace, enjoying the company, the views and the sunshine.

Nita, Tony P, Kate & Cathy in the bluebell woods

  Part way along the track we had our coffee stop was in the woods amongst a carpet of bluebells.

Tony R, Penny, Nita, Cathy, Sue, Tony P & Kate

After several miles of tracks we passed a polling station at Lilley Village Hall which reminded Penny to vote later;. as most of us live in Bedfordshire we do not have this opportunity. We then turned into Lilley churchyard where we stopped for our picnic.

Nita & Cathy in the churchyard.

We were fortunate enough to find the church at Lilley open. The flower arrangements were wonderful and the smell from the flowers was exquisite.

Sue & Nita by the Jubilee arrangement.
There was bunting up to commemorate the Queen's Jubilee as we went in.
After lunch we walked through Lilley past the Lilley Arms and the house that 2 of us observed being thatched last year, still not finished due to lack of Norfolk Reed.
More tracks led away from Lilley.

Tony R, Sue, Tony P, Penny,Nita, Cathy & Kate.
We then headed off back to our cars passing the South Beds golf club.

Track of the walk, walked in an anti-clockwise direction

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